Practice Charter – Patient Leaflet

Practice Charter – Patient Leaflet 21


NHS guidance in the Standard Contracts require all GMS and PMS Practices to produce a practice leaflet. These Regulations also set out the core information that each leaflet must contain.

16.7. Practice leaflet

16.7.1. The Contractor shall-

(a) compile a practice leaflet which shall include the information specified in Schedule 3;

(b) review its practice leaflet at least once in every period of 12 months and make any amendments necessary to maintain its accuracy; and

(c) make available a copy of the leaflet, and any subsequent updates, to its patients and prospective patients.

16.7.2. Where the Contractor has a website, the Contractor shall publish on that website details of the practice area specified in clause 13.2.1 including the area known as the outer boundary area specified in clause 13.3.1 by reference to a sketch diagram, plan or postcode.

In 2016 the NHS Identity Team published new guidance on the use of the NHS logo. Practices can download and use the approved logo from here;